Restorative dentistry in Rogers, AR.
Sometimes, regular dental maintenance is not enough to keep your mouth healthy, or you may experience an unexpected complication. If this happens, Dr. Gubler, Dr. Gorman, and Dr. Hill provide a variety of treatments for restorative dentistry in Rogers, Arkansas.

Our options include:

What Is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is a category of dentistry that aims to repair damaged, decayed, infected, or missing teeth. Treatments are designed to be both functional and improve the aesthetics of your smile.


Living with discomfort, either physical or emotional, can make enjoying your smile difficult. Our restorative treatments can help you eat, speak, and smile freely again with the confidence you deserve. Most procedures can be completed in only one visit with our restoration dentist.

What To Expect

Our skilled team provides thorough exams during your routine dental visits, but if you need an additional appointment, we are happy to accommodate you. During this visit, we will take X-rays and scans to diagnose any dental issues you may have, in order to provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan to restore your smile and oral health. We listen to your needs and concerns and work together to create the best plan for you.

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