Oral Surgery

Lifetime Dental doctors and staff are trained in oral surgery, mild sedation and sleep sedation dentistry in our comfortable office setting. We can provide diagnosis help for oral cancer, perform wisdom teeth extraction, tongue tie corrective surgery, and restore smiles with implants. Contact our practice to discuss your particular oral health needs.

Oral Surgery: Changing Lives with a Smile

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth to develop. Sometimes they emerge from the gum line, and the jaw is large enough to allow room for them, but more often than not, they fail to emerge and become impacted.

When a wisdom tooth is impacted, it may need to be removed. Impacted wisdom teeth that are partially or fully erupted tend to be quite difficult to clean and are susceptible to tooth decay, recurring infections, and even gum disease.

Wisdom teeth should be removed by the time the patient is a young adult in order to prevent future problems and to ensure optimal healing.

Frenulectomy or Tongue Tie Surgery

Frenulectomy is a surgical procedure involving the removal or splitting of the frenulum, the small band of connective tissue near the tip of the tongue.

One approach physicians suggest is "wait and see," allowing time for speech and swallowing behaviors to develop without surgery. Another approach is a frenulectomy, a simple and short procedure which surgically corrects the connected tissue. 

Oral Cancer

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommend that everyone perform an oral cancer self-exam each month. If you notice white or red patches, an abnormal lump, chronic sore throat or hoarseness, or difficulty chewing or swallowing, you should contact your dentist or general practice physician. He or she will remove a section of tissue to perform a biopsy and diagnose the problem.

Mild Sedation and Sleep Dentistry

For treatments requiring oral surgery, our doctors have the ability to provide patients with safe, effective outpatient anesthesia, including local anesthesia, nitrous oxide, and IV conscious sedation.

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